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DoBeDo is pleased to announce that CC Projects is presenting Our Beutyfull Future, a solo exhibition by photographer Davide Sorrenti.

The exhibition displays a range of photographs including self-portraits, photos of youth culture in New York City, and intimate portraits of those who were close with him, all of which act as a visual diary to Davide’s world before his death in 1997.

Davide’s images are characterized by a promiscuous, youthful vision and ability to immortalize personal moments that serve as a time capsule of downtown New York in the mid 1990’s. He had a need to document everything he observed and engaged with his surroundings in a way that invites the viewer to become a part of his life.

Davide Sorrenti (1976-1997) was born in Naples, Italy where he was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major, a genetic and chronic illness, which prompted his mother, fashion photographer Francesca Sorrenti, to move him and his siblings, Vanina & Mario, back to New York City in the early 1980’s. It was there that Davide began taking photographs at the age of 17, documenting the daily life of his skate and graffiti crew, SKE. This collection of photographs unveils Davide’s sense of urgency to live beyond his years by immersing himself at the center of a cultural movement and recording every waking moment. What remains is the gift of a rare and personal account of a momentous generation that continues to influence contemporary youth til this day.

“The intimacy and love that Davide Sorrenti conveyed in his photographs will never fade. Still full of the visual charge that he gave to his life through photography, they are disarmingly truthful in their emotional articulation of being wildly, and intensely young. Set within the still raw and menacing pre-Giuliani playground of New York in the early to mid 1990s, this precious cache captures the last passionately youthful moment on the cusp of the city’s commodification and sanitization. They are an elegiac and close testimony to a young man’s life, filled with curiosity and unbounded enthusiasm.”
– Charlotte Cotton

Opening 26th June 2019, 6-8pm
27th June – 28th July 2019

CC Projects
431 E 6th St, Basement
New York, NY 10009

Exhibition, News
DoBeDo is pleased to announce the opening of Jamie Hawkesworth’s latest exhibition, A Short Pleasurable Journey, Part 2.

84 Photographs and 1 film all made in Floresti, Transylvania in June 2018. 

“I always find myself thinking about the feeling of naivety, how everything feels so simple and confusing at that first moment of discovery, when you react from just your gut and the energy this creates. I think this has to be the most valuable and sensitive state of mind and something so important to hold onto. 

 In July 2018, I found myself in Floresti, Transylvania on a project following around a youth orchestra , that were performing across Romania. Once I arrived in Floresti, I settled in and began exploring without expectation, each day waking up at sunrise and walking down the road with my camera.”

Opening 16th May 2019, 6-9pm 
17th – 27th May 2019

1-7 Aylesbury Street

Exhibition, News

DoBeDo is proud to announce the opening of ‘Desire Lines’ a two channel film by Tommy Malekoff.

Shot entirely in parking lots over the course of a year and a half, Desire Lines records humans, animals and automobiles behaving in a similar manner; with the urgency to perform actions that override the behavioural programming of the place they occupy. The film surveys various customs and rituals that are carried out in the vast areas adjacent to shopping malls, sports stadiums, schools, and other venues throughout the United States.

from 4:00-8:00PM
April 28 – May 19

CC Projects
431 E 6th St, Basement
New York, NY 10009


DoBeDo presents ‘Inside the Bum’ – a book and film by Frank & Tyrone Lebon. The 106 page limited-edition photo book documents the making of Harmony Korine’s new film ‘The Beach Bum’ – starring Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg, and Zac Efron.

In October of 2017 the Lebon brothers, Frank and Tyrone, were invited onto the set of Harmony Korine’s latest film, ‘The Beach Bum’ for a period of six weeks. Given the freedom to wander the set as they pleased, the Lebons received unrestricted access and a privileged insight into the filmmaking process of Korine – a long time inspiration for both brothers.

They came home with thousands of photographs and 50+ hours of footage which has been edited down over the course of the intervening year, and has resulted in two distinct pieces of collaborative work – a twenty-minute film and a limited-edition photographic book titled Inside the Bum. This is the first collaboration of this scale between the two brothers, and their first collaboration with Harmony Korine.

The book is a compilation of photographs, video stills, written diary entries, call sheets, and vintage Florida tourist paraphernalia taped together into a scrap book of sorts; part on-set documentary photography, part notebook of thoughts, questions and anecdotes for their film. Korine’s colourful set provided a bountiful stream of wild and wacky scenarios to document, from naked hobos destroying Miami-mansions to Moondog (McConaughey) setting boats on fire and dancing in tinfoil underwear. The mayhem of the set is balanced with the brothers’ delicate care for and interest in Korine’s craft and philosophies; evident in the quieter portraits and reflective notes scattered throughout the book.

Similarly to the book, the film is a chaotic collage of video footage, audio snippets, interviews, music and animated imagery that takes you on a rampant journey through the making of ‘The Beach Bum’. The Lebon brothers capture and mirror the poetic and chaos-embracing creative process and world that Korine himself employs in the making of his films. ‘Inside the Bum’ is both a reflection of and on Korine’s approach to filmmaking and to life itself, “The thing is, I chase the real life. You almost decide beforehand that you’re gonna go with the energy. I try to grab the energy, follow the energy. FOLLOW THE ENERGY!”

The book is available here for £35

The film will be released online later in 2019 as part of Reely and Truly; a series of documentary portrait films about photographers produced by DoBeDo.

TITLE: Inside the Bum
PUBLISHER: DoBeDo Projects
DETAILS: 106 pages colour offset printing, silk screen colour printed plastic cover (260 x 200mm)
CREDITS: Photographs by Frank and Tyrone Lebon
Edited by Frank and Tyrone Lebon
Designed by Frank and Tyrone Lebon with Loose Joints

£35 here.