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The next instalment of Reely and Truly film club is being held at The Good Temple of Truth, 62a Wakeman Road, NW10 5DG on the 16th of November.

There will be short films from 18 different filmmakers, plus food and drink. Full program is above and please note RSVP is essential to

TITLE: Reely & Truly Film Club
DATE: 16/11/14 3pm
LOCATION: The Good Temple of Truth, 62a Wakeman Road, NW10 5DG


DoBeDo is proud to announce the launch of the latest Tshirt in the ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series Tshirt Subscription’ – #015 by Johnny Dufort

The image “mattress pair 000001” is printed on the T-shirt with special glow in the dark ink, it is the first in a series documenting abandoned beds around the world.

The T-shirt comes with a zine designed by Edward Quarmby. Featuring a selection of images from the series of abandoned beds, it is printed as limited run of 66 and comes exclusively with the T-shirt. 

The Tshirt is available to buy here or as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series Subscription.



DoBeDo is very happy to announce the addition of its newest contributor Harley Weir.

Harley Weir is photographer; born in London in 1988, she still lives and works in the city. 

Weir studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins before embarking on a career as a fashion photographer, moving back and forth between personal projects and commercial work. Weir’s aesthetic in both her photography and film work references the art historical precedents for contemporary portraiture and revels in an of-the-moment naturalism. She uses both analogue and digital techniques and enjoys the opportunities for experimentation offered by the darkroom and in post-production. Her clients include Levis, Meadham Kirchoff, Sonia Rykiel, Topshop and Celine, and magazines that have featured her work include POP, Hot and Cool and Baron.


Do you find beauty boring?

No way, beauty is so subjective, it’s anything that moves me and I think those things are especially moving if I cant explain why. Enjoying a sunset for example is a bizarre pleasure that only humans seem to appreciate and that makes it so mysterious and so intellectual. 

When are men sexy?

Thats another non explainable… Very chemical,  but hairy, bottomy and hard is also good.

Whats the difference between using a darkroom and a computer?

Computer and darkroom have alot in common, the Darkness, the fiddling with filters, the stooping… The squinting! The differences that are most important to me are before I get to the darkroom. Post shoot processes are mainly aesthetic and help me keep continuity and an all or nothingness about being an analogue weed.

How do you chose when to take a photo and when to make a film?

I would choose film a lot more if I could find a way to do it with less planning and less funds… I don’t like to bore people and photography is less offensive in that respect, it’s so instant. To make a bad film is so much more harrowing!  

Is being female a help or a hinderance when it comes to your photographic practise?

Both, i feel like people disregard me a lot more often, people are usually shocked that I am the one in charge and comments on my looks are usually the first words uttered.. but! that lack of control over people also makes me alot more approachable and I think that allows me to get certain sort of images that maybe a man wouldn’t. Outside of fashion its a lot more useful. 

How do you get what you want when taking a photo?

Pah! I don’t know what I want.


‘Reely and Truly’ is a new 30-minute documentary film on contemporary photographers and their practices by Tyrone Lebon.

Lebon’s intention is for the film to be a photographic object in itself. It is shot on all available celluloid formats (including 65mm, 35mm, super 16mm, 16mm, and super 8mm). The film has a free structure with an unconventional narrative, taking on the form of a visual poem.

Featuring DoBeDo contributors such as Mark Lebon, Dick Jewell, Jason Evans, Nigel Shafran, and Charchakaj Waikawee, as well as Juergen Teller, Jack Webb, Sean Vegezzi, Fumiko Imano, Lina Scheynius, Nobuyoshi Araki, Takashi Homma, Ari Marcopoulos, Jill Freedman, Nick Sethi, Asger Carlsen, Arne Svenson, Petra Collins, Tim Barber, Renee Cox, Mario Sorrenti, and Lele Saveri.

This film is part of the ongoing ‘Reely and Truly’ project which will culminate in a book of photographs, texts and films about the practice of over 30 contemporary photographers to be published by DoBeDo in 2015. This 30 minute film is an extended trailer for that project.

Click here to pre-order the book. 

TITLE: ‘Reely and Truly’ Film
DATE: October 2014
DURATION: 29 mins 17 secs