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‘A Short, Pleasurable Journey: 51 Photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth’

DoBeDo is proud to announce Jamie Hawkesworth’s first solo exhibition, ‘A Short, Pleasurable Journey: 51 Photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth’ at Red Hook Labs in New York. 

The exhibition chronicles Hawkesworth’s career exploring the genres of documentary, portrait and fashion photography. His body of work is a compilation of unexpected everyday moments, universal narratives and historical precedents.

The exhibition will feature a film from Preston Bus Station as well as an installation of unseen films taken from a recent journey to The Shetland Islands.

‘A Short, Pleasurable Journey’ opens on Friday 15th April 2016 at Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn. 

Opening Reception:
15/04/16, 6-9PM

On View:
15/04/16 – 24/04/16

Red Hook Labs
133-135 Imlay Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231

‘Dark Rooms’ by Nigel Shafran
Dark Rooms cover

DoBeDo contributor Nigel Shafran is launching his next book, ‘Dark Rooms‘.

Shafran’s new book takes five interconnected series of photographs and weaves them together with the common thread of domestic scenes. There is a constant sense of forward movement that is sometimes overt, as in the photographs of supermarket checkouts or underground escalators; sometimes implicit and more emotionally charged, as when the photographer faces the inventory of possessions in his mother’s last house. But in each case these photographs deal as much with what has been left behind as with what lies ahead. They carry the inevitability of change and the psychological undertow of time passing moving forward.

Dark Rooms‘ is available to pre-order here

Texts by David Chandler and Paul Elliman
Co-edited by Liz Jobey
180 pages
Publication date: March 2016

Events, Film, News

DoBeDo contributor Sean Vegezzi is releasing a booklet, ‘SCOTT’ this weekend in New York City.

Organised by Vegezzi, Spencer Tullis and Alec Tinmar, the publication is an attempt to place the societal fixation on archetypal characters of the urban environment within larger concepts of art history and contemporary theoretical frameworks.

The booklet, bound by black plastic spirals and protected by a clear cover, is a direct reference to the ‘pitch books’ given by investment banks to potential investors. White text sits on burgundy pages within the printed booklet. Interspersed throughout are quotes from architecture critic Montgomery Schuyler, presented as they were written in a private brochure printed for Frank Winfield Woolworth in 1913. The contributions included within ‘SCOTT’ are largely works of fiction; elaborations on biases and cartoonish stereotypes sprouted from unsavoury personal recollections.

‘SCOTT’ is released on Saturday February 6th 2016, inside of the atrium at 60 Wall Street. 

Saturday February 6th 2016 / 1-4PM
Inside of the atrium at 60 Wall Street,
North side of Wall Street between William and Pearl Streets


DoBeDo is proud to announce the launch of Tshirt #017 in the ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series Tshirt Subscription’ – ‘The Curious, The Suckered and The Regulars’ by Sean Vegezzi.

“An erect penis goes up against the new 1 World Trade Center. It stands like a sentry over Lower Manhattan, self-assured that its presence symbolizes the defeat of New York grime of yore: open air sex markets, emotionally disturbed wanderers, perpetrators of both serious and petty crime. The cock’s message is not one of nostalgia, nor does it romanticize the idea of an unsafe city. A timely erection can outlive concrete, glass and steel.”

The T-shirt comes with a free poster with text by Sean Vegezzi, designed by Edward Quarmby.

It is available to buy here or as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series Subscription.