The ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ T-Shirt Subscription includes:

- The next 5 ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ T-Shirts posted as soon as they are released.

- Every T-Shirt is titled and signed inside the collar.

- Every T-Shirt comes with a photo postcard.

- You can order a subscription for yourself or as a gift (each comes with a named Subscription Certificate).

Past ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ T-Shirts contributors have included:

#001 by Jack Day
#002 by Dick Jewell
#003 by Mario Sorrenti
#004 by Chardchakaj Waikawee
#005 by Mark Lebon
#006 by Shawn Mortensen
#007 by Jason Evans
#008 by Naima Karlsson
#009 by David Sims
#010 by Tyrone Lebon
#011 by Glen Luchford
#012 by Hugo Scott
#013 by Max Fowler
#014 by Jamie Hawkesworth
#015 by Johnny Dufort
#016 by Juergen Teller
#017 by Sean Vegezzi
#018 by Fumiko Imano
#019 by Frank Lebon
#020 by Harley Weir
#021 by David Campany
#022 by Tommy Malekoff
#023 by Alinka Echeverría
#024 by Ari Marcopoulos
#025 by Bolade Banjo
#026 by Abdul Kircher
#027 by Rosie Marks
#028 by Raf Fellner

There are 2 options for purchasing the T-Shirt subscription.

You can sign up for a rolling subscription via Direct Debit for the special price of £100 plus postage. Your subscription will renew automatically, and can be cancelled at any time.

Follow this link to set up a rolling subscription.

If you do not want to set up a rolling subscription, or are from outside the UK / EU, you can make a one off purchase for £150 plus postage and you will receive the next 5 T-shirts.

Postage is UK £10 / Europe £30 / World £40 for every 5. **International orders may be subject to customs charges**

If you would like any of the previously released T-shirts as part of your subscription please e-mail us with the photographer and size and we will let you know availability.