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DoBeDo is excited to announce its release of T-shirt #023 in the ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ – ‘The Road to Tepeyac’ by Alinka Echeverría.

Echeverría is a Mexican-British artist, working in film and photography. The image for this T-shirt is taken from ‘The Road to Tepeyac’; conceptualised as an immersive photographic installation, The Road to Tepeyac consists of 125 images of devout Mexican pilgrims carrying their personal image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the anniversary of her apparition in 1531.

“What is the connection between seeing and believing? What is it that makes us need images, crave images in order to feel a connection to the divine?”

The T-shirt includes a 6-set postcard pack, with different images from the series, and a printed insert with the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe. “The Road to Tepeyac” is embroided in white cotton braille on the front, with a colour print of a pilgrim on the back.

This T-shirt can be purchased here (at a discount) as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series T-shirt Subscription.


T-shirt #022 in the ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ – ‘Perennial Shadows’ by Tommy Malekoff.

Malekoff is a New York based visual artist from North Carolina. The image on this shirt is taken from Perennial Shadows; a short film and collection of photographs about Kudzu; the invasive vine native to Japan that grows rampant in the American South.

In this particular image, Kudzu has grown up a power pole in the shape of crucified Jesus, adding to the myth and regional symbolism that the vine has created.

The T-shirt has a full colour digital print on the front, with a poem written in collaboration with the artist Project Pat printed on the back. The T-shirt includes a zine made by the artist which features a collection of cell phone photographs, found flyers, and writings. The contents of this publication exist as studies for an upcoming film project.

This T-shirt can be purchased here (at a discount) as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series T-shirt Subscription.


Tshirt #021 of the exclusive ‘DoBeDo Photographer Series’ is ‘Gasoline’ by David Campany.

The images for this T-shirt are taken from Campany’s book Gasoline; a collection of press photos of American gas stations published by MACK.

“A news photo of a woman waiting in line to fill her car with gasoline. It was the 1970s, the decade of global oil price instability. Today there are other instabilities. Will the oil run dry before the planet collapses? I bought the photo on eBay for $15. Now it’s a T-shirt.”

The T-shirt has a black and white print on the front, with the writing from the back of the original photograph printed on the back of the T-shirt. It also comes with a poster of a different image from the series. 

This Tshirt can also be purchased here (at a discount) as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series Tshirt Subscription

Tshirt #020 of the exclusive ‘DoBeDo Photographer Series’ is ‘Paintings’ by Harley Weir.

Paintings, an image from Weir’s new book of the same title – which is being published by Loose Joints – presents an image that digresses from the artist’s traditional photographic practice. Rather than confronting the concerns of trust, power and permission that weigh heavily upon her work produced for the fashion industry, Paintings shifts her attention onto the rhythm, colour and form of surfaces. This image, alongside the rest of the collection, is the result of consistent visual studies made by Weir throughout the past three years.

The Tshirt is embroidered on the front with Harley’s initials HVW and has a full colour print on the back.

This Tshirt can also be purchased here (at a discount) as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series Tshirt Subscription.
It is also available to buy as a special package along with the book on the Loose Joints website.


The ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ T-Shirt Subscription includes:

– The next 5 ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ T-Shirts posted as soon as they are released.

– Every T-Shirt is titled and signed inside the collar.

– Every T-Shirt comes with a photo postcard.

– You can order a subscription for yourself or as a gift (each comes with a named Subscription Certificate).

Past ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ T-Shirts contributors have included:

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#002 by Dick Jewell
#003 by Mario Sorrenti
#004 by Chardchakaj Waikawee
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#009 by David Sims
#010 by Tyrone Lebon
#011 by Glen Luchford
#012 by Hugo Scott
#013 by Max Fowler
#014 by Jamie Hawkesworth
#015 by Johnny Dufort
#016 by Juergen Teller
#017 by Sean Vegezzi
#018 by Fumiko Imano
#019 by Frank Lebon
#020 by Harley Weir
#021 by David Campany
#022 by Tommy Malekoff
#023 by Alinka Echeverría

There are 2 options for purchasing the T-Shirt subscription.

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If you do not want to set up a rolling subscription, or are from outside the UK / EU,  you can make a one off purchase for £150 plus postage and you will receive the next 5 T-shirts.

Postage is UK £10 / Europe £30 / World £40 for every 5.

If you would like any of the previously released T-shirts as part of your subscription please e-mail us with the photographer and size and we will let you know availability.

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