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Shawn Mortensen was a photographer based in Los Angeles.

Throughout his life Shawn was often on the move, exploring places and meeting people that interested him. From shooting Dash Snow for a fashion campaign in LA to living with the Zapatista rebels in Mexico, from being invited to dinner with the Marley’s in Jamaica to photographing backstage at a Cassette Playa fashion show in London – Shawns’ photography never failed to capture the true warmth, interest, and excitement he had for his subjects.

In selecting an image for this Tshirt Shawn was keen to avoid the obvious choices in his archive; he had endless Tshirt-worthy shots of well known celebrities from Tupac to Larry Flynt from Kate Moss to Nelson Mandela. However, he chose an image of a Zapatista Rebel holding his machine gun while giving a peace sign. Having Shawn agree to take part in the ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ Tshirt project was very exciting and a real honor.

Shawn’s death earlier this year, at the age of only 43, was a terrible and tragic loss to all those who knew him. We decided to go ahead with Shawn’s Tshirt as he had designed it but also add a photo of him on the back. The image of Shawn was taken by DoBeDo contributor Tyrone Lebon in London in 2006.