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Daily Commute Art Installation by Frank Lebon
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DoBeDo is proud to announce that Frank Lebon’s video ‘Daily Commute’ is now on display at Soft Opening.  Shot and displayed inside the tube station at Piccadilly Circus, and set to a soundtrack of his own commute-inspired rap. 

click here to watch the trailer

11th – 28th of January 2018

Soft Opening
Unit 7 Piccadilly Circus Tube Station
London W1

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DoBeDo contributor Sean Vegezzi is releasing a new book, DMYCC, which documents the artists’ decade-long engagement with a cavernous underground area constructed beneath Lower Manhattan. DMYCC is comprised of the book, an hour long video piece and his first ever collection of prints. 
As New York City experienced aggressive development and hyper-securitization of public and private realms, Vegezzi and his friends were drawn towards undefined spaces to pursue their own forms of autonomy and release. From early adolescence onward they leveraged this piece of failed architecture into an alternate social forum, stage, club, and studio space. Over the years we see DMYCC develop from a contaminated space with non-functioning utilities into one treated with dust control chemicals to improve air quality, a working drainage system, primed walls, repaired electricity lines and lighting systems.
The book is presented as a loose chronological narrative, with the images in DMYCC eventually forming a comprehensive mapping of the territory; ranging from early evocative analogue photographs of youthful explorations through to video stills, receipts, and architectural floor plans; concluding with full-scale photographic surveys that challenge bureaucratic structural reports in both detail and formal composition. 

DMYCC will be released at the opening on Sunday September 24th, and is available to buy online here.

The publication of DMYCC is also accompanied by the release of a collection of prints made available by the artist. To view more information please click here.

Commons Area
Dr. Sun Yat Sen School
100 Hester Street
NY NY 10002
United States

Opening Sunday 24th September 2017, 2–6 pm.

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The next instalment of Reely and Truly film club is being held this Friday 30th September 2016 at The Good Temple for Truth, 62a Wakeman Road, NW10 5DG.



Tommy Malefoff - The Outdoor World

Tallulah Hood - Wes Speaks

Simon Cahn –  Untitled 

Duncan Loudon - Echo Chamber

Nick Brown - Lizard Force

Nickolas Middleton - Wizard

Gilbert Bannerman - The Alien Art Trade

Andrew de freitas - The Bends

Bear Damen - Love Invaders 

Saskia Dixie - Capital of the C

Jacob Levi - ISM-ARY

Sean Vegezzi - JOEY

Dick Jewell - ROY : Sometimes

Oko Ebombo - Another way for another vision

Frank Lebon - Creeping : Obongjaya

Tegen Williams - Mum’s euphoric dream

Rosie Marks - Benidorm

Jack & Archy Marshall – WHEN AND WHY

Raf Fellner - mum being me

Joe Ridout - Maxilla

Tyrone Lebon - Frank Ocean Nikes: Extended Japanese edit for Reely and Truly 



Reely and Truly Film Club
DATE: 30th September 2016, 7.00-10.00pm
LOCATION: The Good Temple of Truth, 62a Wakeman Road, NW10 5DG, free entry

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DoBeDo contributor Sean Vegezzi is releasing a booklet, ‘SCOTT’ this weekend in New York City.

Organised by Vegezzi, Spencer Tullis and Alec Tinmar, the publication is an attempt to place the societal fixation on archetypal characters of the urban environment within larger concepts of art history and contemporary theoretical frameworks.

The booklet, bound by black plastic spirals and protected by a clear cover, is a direct reference to the ‘pitch books’ given by investment banks to potential investors. White text sits on burgundy pages within the printed booklet. Interspersed throughout are quotes from architecture critic Montgomery Schuyler, presented as they were written in a private brochure printed for Frank Winfield Woolworth in 1913. The contributions included within ‘SCOTT’ are largely works of fiction; elaborations on biases and cartoonish stereotypes sprouted from unsavoury personal recollections.

‘SCOTT’ is released on Saturday February 6th 2016, inside of the atrium at 60 Wall Street. 

Saturday February 6th 2016 / 1-4PM
Inside of the atrium at 60 Wall Street,
North side of Wall Street between William and Pearl Streets

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The next instalment of Reely and Truly film club is being held this Saturday at The Good Temple for Truth, dedicated to Barry Kamen. 


Reely and Truly Film Club
DATE: 12th December 2015, 4.30-7.30pm
LOCATION: The Good Temple of Truth, 62a Wakeman Road, NW10 5DG, free entry