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DoBeDo contributor Harley Weir has released her first book, ‘Homes‘ published by Loose Joints.

‘Homes’ shows photographs made between 17 and 28 October in the migrant and refugee camps of Calais. Taken immediately before and during the clearing of this provisional settlement, Weir’s images bear witness to the humanity and ingenuity of those living there – constructing the domestic and familiar against a backdrop of displacement.

The photographs show us the homes and private spaces of the camp. In the face of oppression and indifference from those most poised to provide assistance, Homes shows a stubborn commitment to the small, personal spaces of humanity within the Calais camp.

All proceeds from the publication of this book will be donated to La Cimade, a French charity committed to protecting and defending the human rights of refugees and migrants. This publication is available exclusively online.

Homes is now sold out. A special edition of Homes is still available, published in an edition of 60 and including a hand-printed image by the artist.

60 Pages
Published in November 2016 by Loose Joints
Edition of 500
Special Edition of 60