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T-shirt #022 in the ‘DoBeDo Photographers Series’ – ‘Perennial Shadows’ by Tommy Malekoff.

Malekoff is a New York based visual artist from North Carolina. The image on this shirt is taken from Perennial Shadows; a short film and collection of photographs about Kudzu; the invasive vine native to Japan that grows rampant in the American South.

In this particular image, Kudzu has grown up a power pole in the shape of crucified Jesus, adding to the myth and regional symbolism that the vine has created.

The T-shirt has a full colour digital print on the front, with a poem written in collaboration with the artist Project Pat printed on the back. The T-shirt includes a zine made by the artist which features a collection of cell phone photographs, found flyers, and writings. The contents of this publication exist as studies for an upcoming film project.

This T-shirt can be purchased here (at a discount) as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series T-shirt Subscription.