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DoBeDo is proud to announce the launch of Cuts; a joint publication between Gimme 5 and DoBeDo! 
CUTS is a 500 page book of portraits shot by Steve Brooks in the ‘90s and ’00s. Steve was the co-owner of ‘Cuts’ the cult London hairdressers founded by James Lebon in Kensington Market in 1978. These casual triptychs were displayed as enlarged 35mm black and white contact sheets in the window on the Soho shop, replaced only when the next roll was developed and then they were forgotten… until now! Recently rediscovered by Sarah Lewis, the director of ‘No Ifs Or Buts’, a 20-year-in-the-making documentary about Steve, James and Cuts – to be premiered at the London Film Festival in October. CUTS, the book, is a valuable record of the institution and it’s Soho clientele from a significant era in London’s cultural history.
Taken from foreword by Mark Lebon:
“steve might have dreamt of being a photographer, then now realised he was
we all are.
we just need to be
and perceive as we want to perceive ourselves
action and being
responding and acceptance.
thank you for being you for doing you
for progress
and imperfection”

PUBLISHER: Gimme5 and DoBeDo Books
DETAILS: 512 pages printed Black and white, case bound.
Photographs by Steve Brooks
Edited by Mark Lebon
Designed by Edward Quarmby

First Edition of 500