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Fumiko Imano

Fumiko was born in 1974, she spent her childhood in Rio de Janeiro. After studying fine art and fashion photography in London, she returned to Hitachi in Japan where she currently lives and works. The core of her practice focuses on self portraiture in photography, installation and video. 




Fumiko Imano
DoBeDo contributor Fumiko Imano has released a new book, ‘WE OUI!’ published by Little Big Man Books
Imano explains: “Twins” was born by accident. When I came back to Japan from London, I started making twins pictures to cheer myself up. I was already 27 and once again I was an alien in my own country. Living as a proper Japanese lady with responsibility was very heavy burden; it was hard for me to accept. So I enjoyed making child like twins to make my life better. I thought: “If I have a twin sister, I won’t be lonely, and I will be happy living in any environment together.” It actually makes me laugh when I see myself becoming a twin by cutting and pasting. It somehow encourages me to live in this so-called “developed country”. 
‘WE OUI!’ is available to buy here, and will also be on sale at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair 2017 this weekend, 24 – 26 February 2017.

Limited Edition of 500 Copies

DoBeDo is proud to announce the launch of Tshirt #018 in the ‘DoBeDo Photographer Series’ – ‘Special Booking Only’ by Fumiko Imano. 

‘Special Booking Only’ is Fumiko Imano’s interpretation of the classic model’s card. Call DoBeDo for Special Bookings!  

It is available to buy here. This Tshirt can also be purchased here (at a discount) as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series Tshirt Subscription. 


DoBeDo is very happy to announce the addition of its newest contributor Fumiko Imano.

Fumiko was born in 1974, she spent her childhood in Rio de Janeiro.

After studying fine art and fashion photography in London, she returned to Hitachi in Japan where she currently lives and works.
The core of her practice focuses on self portraiture in photography, installation and video.


Why are you the subject of many of your photos?

At first, it was about my possessive character. I went to study fashion photography but I couldn’t collaborate with somebody else cause I believed if I work with somebody, it is not gonna be my work. So I had to become a model, stylist, and photographer myself. And my face is only one in the world so I believed it’s going to be original work. Also, my work wasn’t recognisable photo like Araki or Juergen, so I have to stamp my face to all of my works. 😉 Seeing myself as a third person became my therapy – challenging myself (I have a complex about my looks) again and again questioning “How do I look?”, and it became “What I am” by getting used to it. I still have lots complex though.

How has the popularisation of ‘Selfles’ affected your work?

Affected me a lot! It’s like all of sudden everybody in the world became my rival. scary.. friend star era, ok, myspace, fine, face book in the beginning was ok. But with arrival of iPhone! People stopped being shy! Showing everyday life thing, self portrait, was for artist in a way… but now everybody doing so I had to think about my work… boundary….

Where would you be if you could be anywhere else?

Brazil. I want to visit my childhood house in Rio. 300 Flamengo beach. and London, Paris I used to live.

How honest is your photography?

Maybe lying as I have to pose. But the moment I shot is true and I can not control everything so its honest in the end.

Please explain the titles of your pictures?

Title of my pictures are a bit like “Insect collecting”. I’m a bit like a collector. Freezing pictures is same as pinning butterflies for me.

How do your surroundings influence your work?

Influences me a lot. I think my work is always about me and surrounding.

Does being a female affect your work?

Actually, I don’t really think about me being a female as I’m a bit outside world of “Woman” in common but I have this figure as a female, and I enjoy dresses so it is affecting me for sure. I know my way of thinking and expression is very woman with emotion so it is affecting my works a lot.

Should we embrace the digital era?

Yes! we do! I was scared using digital before but once I got used to it, I’m happy seeing my work immediately, even I’m living on the hill, and I can see on the screen ptr send it to publish it. Well, a lot of people loves my film taken era as digital looks shallow, but I prefer digital now. If my neighbour was 24h lab, maybe I can go back to film. however,,,,, as I’m scared about SNS selfies, I am slowly considering taking my pictures using film. A little bit complicated in my head if I think about.