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Fumiko Imano

埋め込み画像 1

vivienne eaten by moth every year

so i made patches
looks like leopard now
they loves vivienne❤️
埋め込み画像 1

my dog and sashimi car

he loves thursday for this moment
somehow he can smell to catch this car
this guy always give him big pieces of sashimi 
埋め込み画像 1
“to whom it may concern”
letter from Mark Lebon/ london/ 2001
i just found this letter from my old box last week
and i was amazed that how Mark explained about me
he wrote nice thing about me
and also describing my personality perfectly  
i think haven’t changed at all
and I’m happy about it 
“hi, can i assist you?
I’ve got a letter from Mark Lebon!
sorry its from 2001 but i think I’m still the same!”
I’m happy I’m a good friend with Mark now
and we could talk about this letter!
LA LA LA son and dad xxx
埋め込み画像 1
”currywurst ”” lekker” “berlin” “photo automat” 2006


埋め込み画像 1
some people told me
“whenever i see you, you are eating a lot”
well… my dog as well…
my dream is
to not eat a lot at “eat as much as you want”
I’m very greedy so…
i would like to act as an elegant lady 
with high pride
one day
one dayyy
from tomorroww!

I’m scared of non replied e-mail so i have to ask people to reply me.. 

i check if  the door is closed even i locked it

more than 5 times

so i have to shout “i locked it!!!”

“fumiko locked the door!”

i just found its the same thing i do to people 

and now i know the name for it …

but if I was not obsessive, i was not doing  this..


埋め込み画像 1
 sakura sakura

camelia cameliaaaa every where!!! 
reunited with adopted children (after15 years blank)
埋め込み画像 1
don’t shoot me! tyrone! 
埋め込み画像 2
its not retouched!  its truth! we are not lying!
埋め込み画像 3
frank holding picture i took of him circa 15 years ago 
“free willy! 2000″ xxxx